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Dust suppression is a key environmental consideration at Hunter Quarries as we continually seek a better work environment for our staff, and cleaner air for our neighbours.

Moreover, dust build-up can negatively impact on-site operating equipment leading to increased wear, damage, and downtime.

In quarry sites, airborne dust is predominantly created by equipment and truck traffic on haul roads and stockpiling areas, and in the quarrying, crushing and screening processes. Although dust is an inevitable by-product of such events, there are a number of techniques to minimise and eliminate its impact.

Water carts with left and right batter sprays, horizontal fan sprays, and water cannons patrol the haul roads, processing plant and stockpiling areas continuously during operating hours to alleviate traffic dust.

Within the processing plant itself, a more targeted and automated approach is required. The new Coolfog dust suppression technology installed in our plant is present on the hopper bin, all crushers, screens and conveyors and has individually controlled zones remotely operated in the plant control room.

The Coolfog system produces minute fog-like water droplets by forcing water at 1000psi through special nozzles. Evaporating into the atmosphere, the resulting fog encapsulates any dust particles making them too heavy to remain airborne thus falling to the ground.

Technologies and techniques such as the Coolfog system form part of any larger dust mitigation strategy implemented at Hunter Quarries. Our Environmental and WHS teams constantly monitor dust in an ongoing capacity, always looking to better the outcome for the site and our neighbours.

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