Manufactured Sand

Quality Statement

Manufactured sands are a vital component of the construction industry. An alternative to naturally occurring sands, manufactured sands can provide both better performance and significant environmental benefit when used in place of its naturally occurring counterpart.

Manufactured sands are a by-product of the quarrying process with different quarrying processes affecting the shape and gradings of the materials.

When used in concrete, manufactured sands often provide increased bonding strength compared to natural sands. Due to the effects of long-term weathering and erosion, natural sands are made up of far more rounded particles, which adversely affects its bonding properties.

Additionally, the increased use of manufactured sands minimises the mass relocation of natural sand deposits, reducing the impacts on these often delicate pockets of our environment.

At Hunter Quarries, we’re able to provide three manufactured sand alternatives, Barmac Manufactured Sand (BMC), Barmac Cone Combination Manufactured Sand (BcCMS) and Cone Manufactured Sand (CMS).

Barmac Manufactured Sand (BMS)

Barmac Manufactured Sand (BMS) is a natural sand alternative often utilised for asphalt and concrete purposes. A coarse sand, BMS is heavily utilised in the production of asphalt, with as much as 45% of each asphalt tonne made up of BMS. It is a product in high demand.

Produced through a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI), the quarry rock is graded to produce the appropriately shaped angular particles.

BMS is also preferred by our concrete customers due to its reduced water absorption capacity. For this reason, Hunter Quarries prefers to supply BMS with its improved results in decreasing plastic shrinkage cracking when compared to the CMS alternative.

Barmac Manufactured Sand BMS

Cone Manufactured Sand (CMS)

Cone Manufactured Sand (CMS) is the finest of the manufactured sand offerings and is produced as a by-product of the crushing process undertaken by a cone crusher.

CMS is widely utilised as a fill or trenching sand and is often used to support concrete piping.

Although used in concrete manufacturing, its finer composition and increased water absorption properties can cause quality issues. Having a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) means Hunter Quarries has the more suitable BMS alternative.

CMS is, however, an extremely cost-effective fill product and can often be purchased for much less than the price of BMS.

Cone Manufactured Sand CMS

Barmac Cone Combination Manufactured Sand (BcCMS)

Barmac cone Combination Manufactured Sand (BcCMS) is manufactured exclusively for asphalt production. This combination alternative is blended to specific gradings required by asphalters on a project-by-project basis.

BcCMS has been designed to ensure compliance with industry standards, with 8%-10% of the product passing through the 75-micron sieve. This is an important target for asphalters, allowing them to collect this pass through and re-utilise as filler product.

For more information on our manufactured sands offerings and their suitability to your application, please contact us.

Barmac Cone Combination Manufactured Sand (BcCMS)

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