Quality & testing

Hunter Quarries can make to Australian, RMS and ARTC standards as well as meeting custom specifications on request.


At Hunter Quarries we believe the enduring value of every product lies in the quality of our primary source, as such we create products you can trust now and into the future.

Our team are committed to supporting its valued customers with materials produced and supplied in accordance with council, RMS, ARTC, Australian Standards and other customer-specific specifications on request. These materials are tested by NATA accredited materials testing and research laboratories, ensuring quality and consistency for your project as well as certification on request.

Testing & technical services: Hunter Civilab

Our in-house testing and technical services company, Hunter Civilab, is on hand to ensure quality and consistency. They offer comprehensive aggregate and quarried product testing to the market and have experience working across multiple industries including civil, commercial, residential and industrial projects. The skilled team of technicians are also able to assist with project supply management, grading mix design and laboratory trials.


We recognise the impact of our activities and are dedicated to our commitment to sustainability.

Our end to end approach to sustainability is driven by a range of initiatives, focused on achieving specific targets in sustainable environmental management, and our commitment to our community. Through this approach we persistently strive to review and develop our practices, in order to continuously improve our sustainability.