Decorative aggregates

Quality Statement

Hunter Quarries has rhyolite materials available for sale.

Rhyolite is a fine grained, silica rich igneous (or volcanic) rock. Rhyolite is generally light in colour, which gives it certain appeal as a decorative/exposed concrete aggregate and landscape dressing. Due to its high quartz content, it is particularly hard wearing.

Decorative aggregates available are:

  • 14mm
  • 10mm
  • 7mm
  • Dust
  • 20FCR (Fine Crushed Rock)

Typical Use Cases

  • Garden and landscape dressing (7mm, 10mm, 14mm, Dust)
  • Decorative road base e.g. driveways (20FCR)
  • Decorative concrete aggregate (7mm, 10mm, Dust)
  • Asphalt additive – due to its high polished aggregate friction value (PAFC). TfNSW specified product.

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Our Projects

Wamberal rock emergency

Hunter Quarries engaged in a mammoth task of gaining extension of hours to crush and supplying Class 2 Armour Rock to Central Coast Council to protect coastal erosion.

Road base

Wambo mine project

In late 2020, Karuah East Quarry met a new milestone as they supplied 40,000 tones of ARTC ballast on time and to spec for the opening of Glencore’s United Wambo mine.