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We are committed to the successful supply and delivery of quality quarry products for the civil, construction and landscaping industries.

Hunter Quarries is proudly certified under the ISO International Standards for Quality Management Systems. We continually strive to improve our safety, environmental, and quality management.

Hunter Quarries

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We recognise the impact of our activities and are dedicated to our commitment to sustainability.

Our end to end approach to sustainability is driven by a range of initiatives, focused on achieving specific targets in sustainable environmental management, and our commitment to our community. Through this approach we persistently strive to review and develop our practices, in order to continuously improve our sustainability.

Quarry Sustainability Impact

Our Projects

Solar Speed Signs

Solar Speed Signs

In an effort to promote safe travel on its haul roads, Hunter Quarries has installed solar-powered speed signs at strategic locations on its sites.

Reef Restoration

Supporting Reef Restoration

After nearly 150 years of oyster habitat loss causing declines in fish number and water quality, Sydney Rock Oyster reef restoration Project aimed to re-establish oyster habitat throughout NSW estuaries.

Stabilised and Moisture Conditioned Roadbase

Hunter Quarries’ Pugmill producing moisture conditioned road base