Our Commitment

We're committed to engaging & maintaining exemplary environmental management through our continuous rehabilitation program.

Through bi-monthly and annual evaluations of environmental performance with a critical focus on noise, dust and pollution control, as well as consideration for evolving scientific knowledge and community consultation, Hunter Quarries has established a comprehensive approach to our environment sustainability and industry leading best practice.

Our Measures

Hunter Quarries have undertaken a number of measures including successful seeding on completed quarry benches, the installation of additional spray and PLC controls for dust suppression, and rubber and poly screens systems for the reduction of noise.

If you have any questions about our environmental practices, please follow the prompts at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Quarry Environmental Reporting



We are committed to our environmental responsibility and are happy to discuss any concerns.

If you would like to report any feedback regarding our environmental practices, please follow the link below and complete the contact form for review by our environmental officer and management.