The Future is Just Below the Surface

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The Future is Just Below the Surface

The Quarrying Industry plays an integral role in supporting many other Australian industries that play a vital role in the national economy. Construction industries and public infrastructure rely on the mineral materials to develop our built environment.

With such an important role in Australia, what will shape the future of the quarrying Industry beyond 2015?

Expectations regarding safe and sustainable practice are at the forefront of both community concerns and the prosperity of the industry itself.

This will include the environmental impacts of mineral extraction, health and safety of those employed in this sector as well as the effective integration of industry and community with regard to minimising the overall impact and supporting future economic growth.

There is no doubt that the value of our natural resources is a vital asset for Australia’s future. What we need is the most effective regulatory policies to ensure that we have the ability to continue growing our country from the ground up. Hunter Quarries remains dedicated to pursuing the best sustainable practices to ensure we can all enjoy a better future.